Israeli occupation started implementing its decision to cut electricity from Gaza

The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Gaza

The Gaza Power Authority said Israel this morning reduced the 8 MW of electricity capacity on the Israeli lines feeding Gaza, in an initial step to implement the recently announced decisions to reduce electricity to Gaza gradually.

These decisions were made at the request of the Palestinian government in Ramallah, which has serious implications for the reality of electricity in the Gaza Strip, which is already suffering from a severe shortage and a major power deficit, which will affect the distribution programs and regularity.

The Energy Authority has denounced the dangerous procedure, with the occupation and the parties responsible for doing so fully responsible for the serious consequences of this reduction.

In turn, the Director of Public Relations in the Electricity Company in the Gaza Strip, Mohammed Thabit, on the electricity distribution schedule expected because it sets a schedule for distribution after that, he said that the company had difficulty in implementing a schedule of 4 hours arrived within 24 hours before the reduction, and described the decision as difficult and unfair and Humanitarian assistance.

Last week, cabinet ministers decided to respond to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ demand to cut electricity from the Gaza Strip.

Source:The Gaza Post


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