Mladenov calls for taking advantage of the positive position in Cairo to achieve Palestinian reconciliation

The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Ramallah

UN special coordinator for the Middle East peace process Nikolai Mladenov welcomed on Wednesday recent developments related to Palestinian reconciliation in Cairo, calling for the current positive momentum to reach an agreement.


In a press release received by Xinhua, Mladenov said Palestinian reconciliation was “crucial to addressing the serious humanitarian crisis in Gaza, curbing the continued accumulation of weapons and restoring hope in the future”

Mladenov urged all parties to seize the opportunity and reach an agreement that would allow the Palestinian government to assume its responsibilities immediately in Gaza.

The UN coordinator stressed, “Gaza must be an integral part of any future Palestinian state, and unity is an essential step towards the peaceful realization of Palestinian national aspirations.”

The Central Committee of Fatah movement  confirmed after a meeting in the city of Ramallah last night under the chairmanship of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, “its keen on intensive dialogue and fast with the brothers in Egypt” to end the Palestinian division continued since the middle of 2007.

This comes during the visit of Hamas delegation headed by the President of its political office Ismael Haneiya and includes a number of leaders of the movement inside and outside Cairo three days ago.

Hamas issued a statement  after a meeting with Egyptian intelligence chief Khaled Fawzi, in which it expressed readiness to hold talks with Fatah movement in Cairo immediately to conclude a reconciliation agreement and determine the mechanisms for its implementation.

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