Palestinian factions demand the government to lift punitive measures on Gaza

The Gaza Post | The News of Palestine – Gaza

Palestinian resistance factions called for the immediate removal of the punitive measures imposed on Gaza Strip, which has worsened the humanitarian crisis in the Strip recently.

The resistance factions stressed the importance of a speedy resolution to end the escalating humanitarian crises that the Palestinians of Gaza have experienced on the course of 11 years of suffocating siege, renewing the call to address the effects of Zionist aggression on the Gaza Strip, which left real tragedies for our people including reconstruction [of demolished homes in the 3 Israeli assaults on Gaza] and electricity.

The factions also stressed the need to reinforce the Palestinian internal front to confront the Zionist schemes that aim to undermine the dignity and unity of our people.

The factions concluded their statement by reiterating the need for a sincere intention and hard work to end the suffering of the Palestinians and preserve their rights, for which they sacrificed a lot, the thing that requires taking advantage of the participation of all parts.

Source: The Gaza Post

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