Huawei to discuss future of region’s digital transformation

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Huawei is hosting its second annual Innovation Day, with the theme “Exploration, Lights the Way Forward”.

“Huawei ME Innovation Day” will explore the role of ICT innovations in driving digital transformation and building sustainable knowledge-based economies in the Middle East.

Huawei ME Innovation Day is part of a global initiative to address pioneering issues in the world of ICT.

The Middle East version aims to create an industry communications platform, accelerate the digitization process and position the Middle East as leading hub of global innovation.

This year’s Innovation Day theme, “Exploration, Lights the Way Forward”, highlights the Middle East’s rich heritage of innovation, openness and perseverance, valuesalso embraced by Huawei.
Huawei will use the event to encourage an open conversation on the ways in which ICT innovation will shape key sectors and assist countries in achieving their national vision goals. It will also serve as a platform to explore the current and future challenges key sectors face in their pursuit of digital transformation. The agenda falls in line with Huawei’s regional vision of developing sustainable, smart cities through cutting edge technology and strategic partnerships.

As part of the event, Huawei will launch a white paper entitled “Investing in ICT will improve Government KPI’s across Economic, Social and Sustainability domains“, which studies the impact of digital technologies on the transformation of economies in the Middle East.

The event will address key topics such as tech’s growing ability to drive industries forward, the role of governments in encouraging ICT innovation and meeting the KPIs of national vision agendas, and how vertical industries in the Middle East can take advantage of new technologies. There will also be a keynote speech by Ugo Valenti, CEO of the Barcelona Smart City World EXPO.
The event willinclude a panel discussion comprised of leaders from a variety of relevant sector such as education, telecommunications, banking and finance, set to deep-dive into the role of ICT in business development, achieving commercial growth, and innovation’s impact on accelerating economies and driving government agendas.

“The Middle East is a historic center of exploration and innovation, from the invention of algebra to the creation of the first university. We are now seeing an era where the region is reclaiming leadership in these areas, as pioneers of the digital transformation,”saidCharles Yang, President, Huawei Middle East.

“We at Huawei are eager to assist our partners in the region in realisng this transformation, meeting their national visions through smart initiatives, the building of knowledge economies and the expansion of the Middle East’s digital ecosystem,” he continued.

“Huawei continues to view the Middle East as a key market where we contribute to the development of the ICT sector through transforming industries, improving efficiencies, and revolutionizing the way in which people here live their everyday lives. At Innovation Day this year, we will explore these advances as enablers of exploration and innovation for the future.”

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