Hamdallah: We have Presidential orders to halt all operations until Cairo meeting is held

The Gaza Post | The News of Palestine – Gaza

Prime Minister of the Palestinian Consensus Government, Rami al-Hamdallah, said that his government is ready to take on all its tasks and responsibilities in Gaza Strip, but is waiting for the results of the meeting of Hamas and Fatah’s delegations in Cairo, next week.

During his meeting with business men in Gaza Wednesday, Hamdallah said: “We are ready for everything, we are ready for water [projects], infrastructure and staff, However, we received orders to wait for Hamas and Fatah delegations’ meeting in Cairo.”

The Consensus Government received direct orders from Palestinian Authority’s President, Mahmoud Abbas, to halt all the government’s implementation of any tasks on the ground, pending the results of the Cairo meeting, Hamdallah pointed out.

Egyptian intelligence Chief, Khaled Fawzi, who visited Gaza Strip yesterday, delivered an Egyptian invitation to Fatah and Hamas to hold an Egyptian-sponsored meeting next Tuesday in Cairo.

Source: The Gaza Post

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