The Palestinian Consensus Government to assume its powers by December 1

The Gaza Post | The News of Palestine – Gaza

Hamas and Fatah movements have reached an agreement to fully enable the Consensus government in Gaza Strip by December 1, Palestinian sources told on Thursday Anadolu news agency.

It was agreed that the Consensus Government well take control of all crossings in the Gaza Strip no later than November 1, in addition to holding a meeting between the Palestinian factions on November 14 to discuss means of implementing all the provisions of the Cairo Agreement, The source added.

Security officials in the Palestinian Authority will head to Gaza Strip and hold meetings with security officials of  there and discuss mechanisms of take over their duties, the sources pointed out.

Both Fatah and Hamas will discuss the issue of Gaza’s employees until February 1, 2018 and oblige the new government to continue providing their salaries, no lesser than what they are being paid currently.

Source: The Gaza Post

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