US Supreme Court considers Arab Bank culpability for Hamas attacks

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US Supreme Court heard arguments on Wednesday concerning the possible culpability of the Arab Bank Plc for attacks carried out by the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, against Israeli targets.

The court discussed whether the bank can be sued under the 1789 Alien Tort Statute which allows foreign nationals to sue commercial entities in American courts over acts violating international law or US treaties.

The new lawsuit includes nearly 6,000 foreign nationals who claim that the bank helped to channel funding to Hamas through its New York branch to carry out attacks against Israeli targets in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as give financial rewards to the perpetrators’ families.

In a similar action, the New York court ruled in 2013 in favour of the Arab Bank, saying that it was immune to lawsuits filed by foreign nationals because it was a commercial entity and that the court cannot consider claims by non-US citizens. However, the Court allowed the families of US citizens to continue the case.


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