Palestinian People’s Party invited to talks in Cairo

The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Gaza

The Palestinian People’s Party received an official invitation from Egypt Friday to continue reconciliation talks slated for Nov. 21 in Cairo.

In a statement, the party announced that a delegation led by Bassam al-Salihi, secretary-general of the Palestinian People’s Party, would attend the Palestinian reconciliation dialogue.

Hamas, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine announced earlier that they were also officially invited to the reconciliation talks.

In October, Hamas and Fatah — Palestine’s two main political factions — signed a landmark agreement in Cairo aimed at ending 10 years of bitter political rivalry.

If it holds, the deal will allow the Fatah-led Palestinian government in Ramallah to assume political and administrative control of the Gaza Strip, which has been run by Hamas since 2007.



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