Egypt to Send Delegation to Oversee Implementation of Reconciliation in Gaza

The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Tel Aviv

Egyptian intelligence has told the Palestinian factions that it will send a delegation to the Gaza Strip to oversee the enforcement of the reconciliation understandings between Hamas, Fatah and the rest of the Palestinian groups, a Palestinian official participating in reconciliation talks in Cairo .

According to Saleh Nasser, a representative to the talks from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, meetings on Sunday and Tuesday dealt with completing the transfer of power in Gaza to the Palestinian Authority government and the removal of sanctions that the PA placed on Gaza.

The reconciliation understandings reached between Fatah and Hamas in 2011, which included the holding of elections in the PA, will form the base of the current discussions in Cairo, said Nasser, and see the PLO rebuilt from the ground up, allowing Hamas and Islamic Jihad to join the umbrella institution.

According to Nasser, discussions on Monday focused on the reconstruction of PLO institutions to bring Fatah and Hamas into the fold together.


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