Israel is responsible for lives of hunger striking prisoners, PA says

Israel is responsible for lives of hunger striking prisoners, PA says

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The occupation decides to assemble the striking prisoners in the Negev and establish a field hospitalIsraeli Jail - Archive
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Israel holds full responsibility for the lives of the hunger striking Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, The Palestinian government said on Sunday.

Government’s spokesman Tareq Reshmawi said Israel’s detention of thousands of Palestinians, including children, women and sick prisoners calls for direct intervention by the international community to stop this practice, “which seriously violates all international laws.”

Reshmawi called on the Palestinian people for more national unity and more support for their political leadership, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, to help achieve the demands of the hunger striking prisoners.

For the 14th day now, some 1,800 Palestinian prisoners and detainees in Israeli jails are hunger striking to demand better imprisonment conditions, more contact with relatives, and an end to Israel’s practice of detention without charge or trial.

The strike support committee said health condition of most of the strikers is deteriorating with some taken to prison clinics.

Source: WAFA

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