Gaza Post workers express their solidarity with prisoners

Gaza Post workers express their solidarity with prisoners

- in Gaza strip, main
Gaza Post workersGaza Post workers
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Workers at the Gaza Post news website expressed their solidarity with the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails who are on strike for the 14th day.

They drink a cup of water and salt, the only food on which the prisoners depend on to survive.

Journalists at Gaza Post website held banners and slogans reading “Hungry people behind bars feed the universe with dignity.” In other slogans, # water-salt and a “#dignity- strike”.

In a video clip on Facebook, the Director General of Inc, Mr. Saud Abu Ramadan, saluted the prisoners who are engaged in Dignity hunger strike, saying that we, as journalists, support the issue of the prisoners and pay tribute to the hunger strikers in Israeli jails.
He called on all media institutions to support the issue of prisoners in all international and local forums, and continue to expose  crimes of the occupation against the prisoners.

لفتة تضامنية #مي_ملح من اعلامي موقع غزة بوست

Posted by ‎مثنى النجار‎ on Sunday, 30 April 2017

1,800 Palestinian prisoners participate in the dignity hunger strike distributed in 25 prisons, in protest against violations by the prison administration of their rights, and continued beatings and isolation of solitary confinement and prevent the visit of their relatives and other violations.

Source:The Gaza Post

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