Abu Rudeina: Iranian statements to Palestinian people are offensive

Abu Rudeina: Iranian statements to Palestinian people are offensive

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Nabil Abu RudeinaNabil Abu Rudeina
The Gaza Post|the News of Palestine-Ramallah

Nabil Abu Rudeina spokesman for the Presidency  said that “the statements of the Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister, Sheikh Hussein al-Islam, and his attack on the Palestinian president and the struggle of the Palestinian people are unacceptable.”

Abu Rudeineh said ,”It is also not acceptable for those whose state has signed the nuclear compliance agreement to interfere in Palestinian internal affairs and assault the head of state of Palestine, the leader of the Fatah movement, who for decades fought all the enemies of the Palestinian people and the Arab nation, Palestinian constants, calling on Iran to stop interfering in our internal affairs.

Iran, which contributed to feeding civil wars in the Arab world, should not speak in a language that only serves Israel and the enemies of the Arab nation,” Abu Rudeineh said, calling on the Tehran government not to allow such offensive remarks against the Palestinian people and its struggle to liberate Jerusalem .

Instead of strengthening the Palestinian position in its struggle for independence, Tehran is working to undermine the possibility of facing the great challenges that threaten the future and people of Palestine and Jerusalem.


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