IOF prevent fishermen from exceeding 6 miles in Gaza sea

IOF prevent fishermen from exceeding 6 miles in Gaza sea

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Israeli occupation authorities reduced the area of fishing in Gaza sea as the IOF prevented on Tuesday afternoon Palestinian fishermen from crossing the area of 6 mph.

In a statement, Nizar Ayyash said to Palestine News Agency that the occupation allowed the fishermen earlier to exceed 6 miles for two months and extended for another two weeks, while it prevents them these days from exceeding the allowed distance.

Oslo Peace Treaty (1993), which included some economic protocols,  stipulates the right of fishermen in the Gaza Strip to sail 20 miles for fishing, but this has not been implemented for 15 years.

The fishing profession has declined significantly in the Gaza Strip as a result of the decline in daily fishing for hundreds of fishermen due to restrictions imposed by Israeli occupation.

According to the Fishermen’s Syndicate, about 4,000 fishermen, who feed more than 50,000 people, work almost daily on fishing.

Source: The Gaza Post


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