” I hope Gulf countries will regain their power,” Mashaal says

” I hope Gulf countries will regain their power,” Mashaal says

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Khaled Mashaal, Former Head of Hamas' Political Bureau -Archive
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Former head of the Political Bureau of Hamas movement, Khaled Mashaal, praised the great Qatari role in supporting the Palestinian cause and standing by the Palestinian people, hoping that the Gulf will regain its former strength and that the division will be defused among its countries.

Meshaal said in a meeting organized by Hamas that the unity of  Arabs is in Hamas’s interests list, as Hamas hopes that the Arab nation will play its required role in the Palestinian cause to confront the Israeli occupation.

As for internal affairs, Meshaal stressed on the difficulty of the situation of the people in Gaza, saying that “Gaza is meant to pay the price of its siege by abandoning its legal personality and removing its resistance. We are confident that you will break the siege without abandoning your values and principles.”

Meshaal explained that Hamas has presented a great example in the face of the siege, which is reflected in its political document.

He also stressed that Hamas will remain strong even in light of these successive crises on the Arab regions.

Source: The Gaza Post

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