Egypt faces water insecurity

Egypt faces water insecurity

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Egyptian farmers along the lower Nile have little information to guide them as upriver barrage threatens to compound the impacts of global warming.

While some blame Ethiopia, which is building a hydropower dam upriver, experts point to climate change and the demands of a growing population.

As reported by, the Nile’s fresh water flow to Egypt may be cut by up to 25% over the next five or 15 years.

The challenges for farmers are myriad: new diseases and insects, unprecedented humidity, rising seas contaminating groundwater with salt.

A study recently published in Nature found that climate change is bringing greater variability in the Nile River flow this century compared to the last. In the Nile’s seven-year cycle of flood and drought, the former is becoming heavier, and the latter more extreme.

Egypt’s five million feddans (21,000 square kilometres) of crops consume more than 85% of the country’s share of Nile water. With an annual supply of 600 cubic metres per person, the country is approaching the UN’s “absolute water scarcity” threshold, as the population closes in on 100 million. Water is a sensitive subject.

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