Prisoner Abu-Lail Confirms Continuing Hunger Strike

Prisoner Abu-Lail Confirms Continuing Hunger Strike

- in main, West Bank
Prisoner Abu-Lail Confirms Continuing Hunger Strikeprisoner

Gaza Post – West Bank

Palestinian prisoners affairs assured that the prisoner Jamal Abu-Lail is still continuing hunger strike until achieving his demand to be released as soon as possible, or to determine the reason behind his detention.

 Abu-Lail pointed out the strike he began was in the 16th of February 2017, after the Israeli occupation authorities issued an order which revolves around administrative detention for the third time within the last moments before his release. He does not have any other medium to express his rejection towards being arrested without any specific reason only by means of declaring hunger strike.

 All what he wants is to voice his message to people all over the world especially those who have conscience. He demands all domestic and international authorities to intervene in order to end the issue of administrative detention. The lawyer Paul said:”Abu-Lail’s strike involves not drinking water only in which he has lost about ten kilograms until today”.



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