HRW: Stripping Palestinians of Residency May Be ‘War Crime’

HRW: Stripping Palestinians of Residency May Be ‘War Crime’

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Human Rights Watch warned that stripping some 15,000 Palestinians of their right to live in Jerusalem al-Quds since 1967 could amount to a “war crime.”

“Israel claims to treat Jerusalem as a unified city, but the reality is effectively one set of rules for Jews and another for Palestinians,” Sarah Leah Whitson, HRW’s Middle East director, said in a report released on Tuesday, Al-Jazeera reported.

From June 5 to 10, 1967, the Six-Day War was fought between the Israeli regime on one side and Egypt, Jordan, and Syria on the other.

At the end of that war, Israel occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem al-Quds, the Gaza Strip, and parts of the Golan Heights.

Israel later withdrew from Gaza but laid a siege on it. The war and Israel’s ensuing land seizure displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Syrians.

Since then, 14,595 Palestinians have had their residence status revoked, a move which effectively stops them from remaining in the city of their birth, Whitson added.

“Residency revocations often effectively force Palestinians from [occupied] East Jerusalem, who are protected by virtue of Israel’s occupation under the Fourth Geneva Convention, to leave the territory they live in,” she stressed.

“Deportation or forced transfers of any part of the population of an occupied territory could amount to war crimes,” she noted.

About 1.4 million Arab Israelis, making up some 18 percent of Israel’s population, live within the occupied territories. They are the descendants of Palestinians who remained on their land even after the creation of the Zionist regime in 1948.
Source : Fars agency

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