Gaza Tunnels: Israel’s new excuse to target civilians in Gaza Strip

Gaza Tunnels: Israel’s new excuse to target civilians in Gaza Strip

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Israeli Occupation Forces continue its brutal military campaign against the Gaza Strip and its resistance, by fabricating new excuse to target civilians in the Palestinian enclave.

Thursday morning, Israeli media has published maps and information from the IOF about Palestinian offensive tunnels from Gaza strip.

Hamas had built the tunnels in order to use them in offensive actions against any escalation in the future, an army spokesman said.

He claimed that the two tunnels were located under populated residential areas in the Gaza Strip, saying that “Israel may bomb the tunnels if any military aggression happened from these places in the future”.

This announcement comes after the Israeli bombing, which targeted resistance posts in Gaza, on Tuesday, in response to allegations of a rocket launched from Gaza fell on south of Ashkelon.

Wednesday, Israeli media quoted Eyal Zamir, commander of the southern region of the Israeli army, who said that there are two populated buildings in the northern Gaza Strip, with Hamas tunnels underneath them, preparing them for an upcoming confrontation.

Israeli military commanders in the army’s southern region reported that Hamas is constructing offensive tunnels “towards Israeli lands.”

Wala news quoted military commanders, in early July, saying that “Hamas fighters have recently conducted training drills simulating any possible attack near the security fence of the Gaza Strip”

It added, the army monitored suspicious movements in the Palestinian territories close to the security fence, pointing out that the army has completed its fortifications on Gaza’s border.

According to Walla the fortifications included the construction of high sand dunes, moving protective walls to avoid snipers and anti-tank missiles targeting those working in the construction of the wall.

In a promotion campaign, which the IOF is using to legalize their targeting of civilians, Eyal Zamir, southern commander in Israeli army, said “The Israeli army is ready to face any military confrontation with Hamas and resistance in Gaza,”

This statement was to intimidate Hamas and the Palestinian resistance in Gaza. “The construction of the wall may be a reason for a possible military escalation in the future,” Zamir said.

Source: The Gaza Post

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