Fears of social collapse in the Gazan society

Fears of social collapse in the Gazan society

- in Gaza strip, main
Fears of social collapse in the Gazan societyFears of social collapse in the Gazan society

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Fears of social collapse in the Gazan society, after the deterioration of humanitarian situation, and the deprivation of basic needs of life. Lately,  a large number of Palestinian youth in the Gaza Strip announced their reluctance to marry for many reasons.

Many risks surround the dreams of youth in Gaza.  Like the Israeli blockade, the continuous wars on Gaza, the terrible economic situation, and the delay in the process of the reconstruction .

Surely, their refrains from marriage are the outcomes of the rates of poverty and unemployment that increase daily in Gaza. Since 2016 , the increasing in the rate of unemployment exceeded 55%, though this growth infers that more than 230,000 people are jobless . In addition, the poverty rate stood at 65% .

Akram Salam is a young man from Gaza , who sought to marry after his graduation , but the war eradicated his dream from its roots, after his parent’s loss in war , and his hope to marry his love vanished in the air of hopes.

Also, Ahmed Hussein, 26 years old, who lost his dream to marry owing to the nightmare of unemployment. And this led to the ruin of his dream and his attempts to find the love of his life. Though most of the Gazan youthful dreams are linked to the improvements of the economic situation in Gaza.

A Palestinian official confirmed that there is a rapid increase in the divorce rate on account of the growth of unemployment and the slow pace of reconstruction.

Also, he warned of a social collapse , the lack of social security, as a results of this deterioration in the humanitarian situation, that gradually erases the youthful dreams.

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