Abu Arar: “Stop the demolition of om Hieran”

Abu Arar: “Stop the demolition of om Hieran”

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Abu Arar: "Stop the demolition of om Hieran"Archive

Gaza Post- Jerusalem

In his speech to the General Authority of the Israeli Knesset, on Monday, the Attorney Talab Abu Arar talked about om  Hiran, said: “you have  demolish houses and displaced the people of om hiran”. Good people of the Arab sector had donated for the purchase of” mobile caravans “for the population to inhabit them and protect themselves from the intensity of the cold”.

He added:  “The Government of Israel came in the next day and you issued deportation orders demonization of the population! I wonder: Where to leave? You do not want to reach a fair settlement with the population”.

Finally, MP for the Islamic movement in the joint list his speech by saying: “I appeal to stop the demolition of om Hiran, the presence of police in large numbers does not help to calm tempers, but works to move the feelings of people who want to live quietly and with dignity away from threats and intimidation policy”.


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