Edward Said: The legacy of an exile

Edward Said: The legacy of an exile

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Edward SaidEdward Said

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Edward Said was an academic, literary critic, fine musician, activist and, perhaps most importantly, the father of postcolonial studies.

Yet perhaps nothing defines Said better than his role as a public intellectual who strived his whole life to speak truth to power.

Whether rallying against American militarism in West Asia, popularising the Palestinian cause in American academia or voicing fierce criticism of Yasser Arafat and his Oslo debacle, Said always analysed everything with meticulous alertness and, in his own words, the gaze of an exile.

Born in 1935 and spending his early childhood in British-mandate Palestine, Said was sent to school in Cairo and subsequently moved to the United States for higher education. Meanwhile, the Said clan, like hundreds of thousands of other Palestinians, lost their home in the Nakba catastrophe. Said had to grapple with this sense of loss throughout his life, maintaining that, afterwards, he never felt at home anywhere.

Source:The New Arab

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