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Why the ear becomes red and warm in the winter?Archive

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Some suffer from ear redness in the winter, and it bothers them a lot and makes them feel anxious and sometimes embarrassing, and for those who already wondered why red ear, especially in winter, can see the details in the article.

There are more than one case can cause redness and warmth you feel in the cold days, which are as follows

The climate

Exposure to cold or to high temperatures for long periods may cause to your ears redness, in the case of the winter, the body works to protect the ear from the cold directing warm her blood and thus become red, and the cold weather may cause pinch cold to your ear, which cause redness ear inflammation.


Emotions do not only affect the ears redness, but on the face as a whole, and this phenomenon often get with white  people, according to the studies of the University of Alabama America said that emotions make blood vessels in the face and neck expands dramatically allowing blood to the head to head transformed skin color to red color and a sense of warmth.


Hormonal changes

The intended changes is hormonal processes get in the body such as blood renewal and change in the circulatory system, which may contribute to the redness of the skin in general


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