Egypt’s Coptic church organizes conference to ‘treat’ homosexuality

Egypt’s Coptic church organizes conference to ‘treat’ homosexuality

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Egyptian media reported that the Coptic Church in Egypt has organised a conference in which it offered ways to “treat” homosexuality.

The cathedral did not set a date for the conference, but it explained that it will include a workshop teaching church patrons how to carry out gay conversions, with the advice of a “homosexuality healing specialist”.

St Mark’s Orthodox Coptic Cathedral in Alexandria, which represents Egypt’s Copts, has organised a conference titled “Volcano of Homosexuality”, aiming to increase awareness on how to achieve a “speedy recovery” from homosexuality through a number of lectures.

The Coptic church has been known for its opposition to homosexuality, describing same-sex relationships as “immoral” and a “threat” to family stability.

Homosexuality is a taboo in Egyptian culture among both Muslims and the Christian minority but is not explicitly prohibited.

The LGBT community has caused tensions in the country on Monday as Egyptian authorities detained seven people for raising the Pride flag at a Cairo concert by Lebanese indie band Mashrou’ Leila, whose leader is openly gay, which now faces a ban in Egypt.

On Wednesday, an Egyptian lawmaker called on parliament to make “immorality” laws targeting homosexuals carry a prison sentence of ten years.

“What happened at the concert cannot be accepted by society. Declaring yourself as a homosexual is not a human right,” MP Shadia Thabit said.

“How can they openly announce their sins? Don’t talk to me about human rights they should go get lost far away from us,” she said, adding that toughening the law would stop the “corruption” of society.

Source: The New Arab

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