Ministers in the Palestinian reconciliation government receive their ministries in Gaza

Ministers in the Palestinian reconciliation government receive their ministries in Gaza

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Reconciliation government ministers

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 Ministers of the Palestinian reconciliation government on Tuesday handed over the headquarters of several ministries in the Gaza Strip after the first cabinet meeting in the Gaza Strip since 2014.

The ministers of health, education, economy, transport and communications, and information technology, justice, endowments, agriculture, local government, tourism, archeology and culture went to their ministries in Gaza as Journalists sat on their desks and met senior officials.

The ceremony of handing over the interior ministries to al-Hamadullah and the foreign minister, whose minister Riyadh al-Maliki left to the West Bank before the departure of the rest of the cabinet ministers, was not carried out.

A spokesman for the government of national unity  Yousef Al-Mahmoud told Xinhua that the handover of the ministries’ offices was “in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.”

In response to a question on the mechanism of action of the ministries in Gaza after being received by the ministers of thenational unity  government , he said that “the mechanism of the ministries between Gaza and the West Bank and the files of employees in Gaza in addition to the crossings and security will be discussed within the work of a special ministerial committee formed for this purpose. Dialogue between Fatah and Hamas in the Egyptian capital Cairo.

Three ministers living in the Gaza Strip are already working from Gaza’s ministries of ministries: labor, housing and public works and women’s affairs.

Earlier in the day, Palestinian Prime Minister Rami al-Hamdallah held his first cabinet meeting in Gaza since October 2014 and asked ministers for reports on urgent needs for the sector.

After the cabinet meeting, Al-Mahmoud told reporters that al-Hamadallah asked ministers to “report on the situation of the ministries in Gaza and their immediate needs and the initial needs of the residents of the Gaza Strip in order to start implementing them.”

Al-Mahmoud said that the meeting of the government confirmed that “the restoration and consolidation of institutions requires great efforts in order to start from a sound base and complete all files correctly.”

Since its formation under Palestinian reconciliation accords in early June 2014, the Accord government has refused to pay salaries to staff appointed by Hamas after mid-2007 and numbering more than 40,000.

Reconciliation government justified its decision because of its inability to pay additional salaries.

But the government had proposed a plan for the return of Palestinian Authority employees in Gaza, who stopped working when Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip to their work, after which Hamas employees were gradually integrated into their jobs, which Hamas rejected.

Hamas movement  spokesman of its spokesman Abdullatif al-Qannoua,  criticized the failure of the reconciliation government after its meeting in Gaza, any decisions on “lifting the punitive measures on Gaza.”

“The popular and official welcome of the government and its acceptance of the ministries in Gaza, raise  high hopes and the great optimism that the Gazan street is living with should have accompanied the lifting of the punitive measures on Gaza,” he said in a press release.

He added that the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip “looking forward to practical steps to alleviate the suffering.”

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine  criticized the government’s decision to lift “punitive measures” against Gaza during its ministerial meeting in Gaza.

A member of the political bureau of the Front Kaid Ghoul said in a written press statement that the positions of the government “would be a disappointment to the Palestinian public, which built a great optimism in the light of the reception that took place yesterday to the government delegation.

Ghoul called on the government to “take an urgent decision to lift the measures against Gaza to ease citizens  burdens, to give confidence to the public and to provide a positive atmosphere to advance the reconciliation process.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas last April took a series of measures to reduce expenditures for the Gaza Strip, including a deduction on the salaries of PA employees and electricity and water utility to pressure Hamas to dissolve its administrative committee.

In this regard, Abbas said in an interview with the Egyptian private television channel CBC last night that the problems of the Gaza Strip “will all be resolved and will be put on the table and resolved according to the 2011 agreement, which dealt with talk about the file of employees and others.”

Abbas added that the problems of Gaza “will be discussed when we become responsible for everything on the ground in the Gaza Strip and this is our responsibility, and therefore we do not want to anticipate events, we want to go step by step, but we know the beginning We know the end. ”

Abbas stressed that the Palestinian Authority  will stand at the crossings, and we are going to see the response on the ground  crossings, security and ministries, everything must be in the hand of PA.”

Meanwhile, al-Hamdallah held a meeting in Gaza today with the United Nations coordinator for the Middle East peace process, Nikolai Mladenov, to discuss efforts to advance Palestinian reconciliation.

During the meeting, according to a statement issued by the office of Al-Hamdallah, they discussed the reconciliation file, the positive atmosphere prevailing in the Palestinian street, the alleviation of the suffering of the citizens in the Gaza Strip and the international efforts that support the government of reconciliation  to extend its sovereignty and assume all its functions and responsibilities in the official Palestinian institutions.

In addition, the obstacles to opening Gaza’s crossings and ports have been addressed, and the residents of the Gaza Strip should live a decent life like the rest of the world.

Deputy Prime Minister Ziad Abu Amr met with UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krineball for the same purpose.

The Gaza Strip also witnessed the arrival of an Egyptian media delegation from the West Bank through the Israeli-controlled Beit Hanoun (Erez) checkpoint.

The arrival of the media delegation came hours before the expected arrival of the head of Egyptian intelligence, Minister Khaled Fawzi to Ramallah in the West Bank and then to the Gaza Strip.

Source:The Gaza Post

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