Al -Hamadallah pledges to improve economic growth in the Gaza Strip

Al -Hamadallah pledges to improve economic growth in the Gaza Strip

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Rami Al HamadallahRami Al Hamadallah

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Palestinian Prime Minister Rami al-Hamdallah on Wednesday pledged to dozens of businessmen in the Gaza Strip to improve economic growth in the Gaza Strip.

During the meeting held in Gaza and attended by a number of ministers of the Palestinian reconciliation government led by Minister of Economy Abeer Odeh, Al-Hamdallah stressed that achieving economic growth in Gaza will have a positive impact on the Palestinian economy.

The businessmen stressed the need for the government to accelerate the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and to stop the restrictions on the entry of construction materials from Israel into the Gaza Strip,” said Maher Tabbaa, a media official at the Gaza Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Al-Tabaa said that the participants called for resolving the crises in the Gaza Strip, especially the electricity crisis, “which negatively affects all aspects of life and paralyzed all sectors of the economy and low productivity and thus high rates of poverty and unemployment.”

He pointed out that businessmen asked the government to find quick mechanisms to open the Rafah crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, and to ensure freedom of movement through it, including trade with Egypt.

They also demanded to stop Israel’s restrictions on the movement of merchants and businessmen from the Gaza Strip through the Israeli-controlled Beit Hanoun (Erez) checkpoint to the West Bank.

Al-Tabaa said that the businessmen raised the need to end the gap in laws and legislation between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, to standardize fees, regulations and regulations and to stop double taxation and customs.

He pointed out that they also stressed the need to support the government of the national product and strengthen it and remove lists of prohibitions on imports from Israel to the Gaza Strip, and to stop restrictions on the export of goods from the sector and accelerate the file of the payment of compensation to the private sector in Gaza.

For his part, Hamadallah said that the demands of businessmen and traders in the Gaza Strip will be seriously discussed at the next government meeting to take immediate steps that contribute to improving the economy of the sector.

Al-Hamdallah is at the head of a high-level government delegation including the ministers of the  reconciliation  government and heads of government institutions  in the Gaza Strip two days ago, according to understandings of Palestinian reconciliation sponsored by Egypt recently.

Source:The Gaza Post



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