Hamas Chief Hails New Palestinian Unity as Cabinet Meets in Gaza

Hamas Chief Hails New Palestinian Unity as Cabinet Meets in Gaza

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Ismail HaniyahIsmail Haniyah
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Head of Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, expressed his confidence in the success of the reconciliation initiative after the Palestinian National Consensus Government convened for the first time in three years in Gaza City.

Ismail Haniyah said saying that Hamas has accepted Egypt’s invitation to hold a meeting in Cairo next Tuesday to discuss all of the reconciliation files, Al Waght reported.

The Hamas chief made the remarks in his speech during a luncheon in honor of the Palestinian Prime Minister and the Egyptian delegation in Gaza adding that Hamas did not go for reconciliation under any pressure, but the decision came from a sincere desire to defend the Palestinian cause.

He pointed out that reconciliation is not limited to Gaza, but it includes the West Bank and the rest of the Palestinian territories.

“This reconciliation is destined to succeed,” Haniyah stressed, adding, “This is the first step of many miles to go and we are confident the page of division has been turned over forever.”

For his part, Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah said that Hamas is a strategic partner in this historic stage, praising the Movement’s efforts to make the reconciliation succeed.

Hamdallah added, “It’s time for our people to enjoy reconciliation and unity,” and noted that several committees will be formed to address the pending issues.

Meanwhile, Hamdallah told the cabinet at the start of its meeting, usually held every Tuesday in Ramallah, that his government is going to assume full responsibility of all sectors of life in Gaza “in full cooperation and partnership with all the Palestinian factions and forces.

Source :Fars news


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