Iran export to Russia rise to 36 percent

Iran export to Russia rise to 36 percent


The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Tehran

Commercial attaché at Iran’s embassy in Russian Federation Farhad Parand said statistics of foreign trade of the two countries show that Iran’s export to Russia has increased from 168 million dollars in the first half of 2016 to 228 million dollars in the same period this year.

‘What is eye-catching concerning the growth are the efforts by the Iranian side to strike a reasonable balance in the country’s trade with Russia,’ he said.

‘The total value of the two countries trade in the given period is 737 million dollars, with a 16 percent decrease in Iran’s imports from Russia that cut the 594-million-dollar imports in the first half of 2016 to 509 million dollars in the same period in 2017,’ the Iranian official said.

Pointing to the capacity of enhancing the economic cooperation between Iran and Russia, Parand said that a four-day meeting on Iran-Russia trade, industry and mining cooperation will be launched on October 25 in Russia’s Astrakhan.

Representatives from Iranian companies in related fields, including mining, agricultural machinery, gas, oil, automobile industry, livestock, dairy products, chemicals and petrochemicals, banking and investment will be present in the meetings, according to him.

Due to the planning by Russian authorities for the maximum participation of the country’s companies in the meetings, there would be a good opportunity for consultation and boosting bilateral and multilateral cooperation on trade, production, joint exports and needs assessment.


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