A Palestinian diplomat denies backing up draft resolutions condemning Israel in UNESCO

A Palestinian diplomat denies backing up draft resolutions condemning Israel in UNESCO

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A Palestinian diplomat denied on Sunday the Palestinian Authority’s retreat from draft resolutions condemning Israel at a meeting of UNESCO scheduled for Monday.

Palestinian delegate to UNESCO Munir Anastas told the official Voice of Palestine radio that the organization will adopt two resolutions during its first meetings on occupied Palestine and the second on educational and cultural institutions in the occupied Arab territories, including the Golan Heights.

Anastas added that the contents of the two resolutions mention resolutions that Israel has not implemented and call on the Director-General to report on developments in the areas of the Organization’s mandate in the occupied Palestinian territories at the next session.

The Palestinian delegate pointed out that Israel tried to erase the Palestinian points from the agenda but did not succeed , pointing out that Israel is using all means to pressure the member states of UNESCO to block any decision issued.

He added that the Palestinian side has been able in recent years to achieve points that Israel did not expect to include many areas on the list of world heritage, pointing out that Israel is afraid to continue these steps, which will prove Palestine as a state in international forums and to assert Palestinian sovereignty over the Palestinian territories.

He added that Palestine “always enjoys the majority required to pass decisions in UNESCO,” and expected that Israel will not succeed in this session to block any decision or a negative step for us.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on its website that the group of Arab countries in addition to the Palestinian Authority has retracted its intention to introduce a draft resolution condemning Israel in UNESCO.

The newspaper quoted an Israeli official source at the Foreign Ministry as saying that the Arab retreat came with American intervention and Western countries, in addition to the intervention of US special envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt, pointing out that it was finally agreed to withdraw the draft resolution and another project now and postpone the launch of these projects for half Year is coming.

The Palestinians received full membership in UNESCO on November 31, 2011 by a majority of 107 countries and opposition of 14 countries, including the United States and Israel, with 52 abstentions.

Source:The Gaza Post

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