Fatah and Hamas delegations arrive in Cairo today, ahead of a round of talks

Fatah and Hamas delegations arrive in Cairo today, ahead of a round of talks

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Fatah and HamasFatah and Hamas

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Leading delegations from Fatah Hamas will arrive in the Egyptian capital Cairo on Monday to hold talks for Palestinian reconciliation starting Tuesday.

The head of Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, Yahya al-Sinwar and his deputy Khalil al-Hayya, crossed through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt towards Cairo.

They were joined by deputy head of the political bureau of the movement Saleh al-Arouri and members of the Hamas political bureau Musa Abu Marzuq, Izzat al-Rishq and Hussam Badran.

On the other hand, Fateh delegation will include the official of the reconciliation file, Azzam al-Ahmad, members of the central committee of the movement, Hussein al-Sheikh, Rohi Fattouh and Ahmed Hilles, as well as the deputy secretary of the Revolutionary Council of Fayez Abu Eita and the director of the Palestinian Intelligence Majid Faraj.

“All the files included in the Palestinian reconciliation agreement signed in Cairo in mid-2011 will be discussed with Hamas,” Majid al-Faitani, secretary of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council, told Xinhua.

Al-Futiani said that the talks will focus initially on agreeing on quick mechanisms to start implementation of the understandings to end the division in order to create the atmosphere for reconciliation and confirm the seriousness of all parties to proceed.

He intensifiestThere is no specific time limit for the Cairo dialogues, but it will probably last for several days.
“The internal division has been going on for 10 years and therefore needs time to ensure its success.”
Hamas leadership held a consultaion meeting in Gaza on Sunday evening with Palestinian factions to discuss mechanisms to advance reconciliation on the eve of the Cairo talks with Fatah movement.
During the meeting, Al-Sinwar stressed Hamas seriousness in its efforts to complete all files of reconciliation in Cairo,” stressing that “we will not return to the internal division of the in any way.”

For his part, Hayya said during the same meeting, “The formation of multiple committees to develop perceptions to implement what was agreed in the files of reconciliation, pointing out that consistent with what was agreed previously.”

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday that reconciliation is a priority that the Palestinian leadership seeks to achieve by all possible means to protect the Palestinian national project and realize the hopes and aspirations of the Palestinian people for freedom and independence.”

This will be the first round of talks between Fatah and Hamas since they held similar meetings in the Qatari capital of Doha in June 2016 without a serious breakthrough to achieve reconciliation between them.
The Cairo dialogues will come a week after the delegation of the Palestinian reconciliation government led by Prime Minister Rami al-Hamdallah arrived in the Gaza Strip and held a ministerial meeting in it and receiving the headquarters of its ministries.

At that time, the delegation included all the ministers of the reconciliation government, heads of governmental institutions and bodies, heads of security services in the Palestinian Authority and dozens of members of the Palestinian Presidential Guard.

Al-Hamdallah from Gaza announced that his government had ready plans for the implementation of its mandate in the Gaza Strip and the receipt of its full tasks pending the understanding between the delegations of the Hamas and Fatah movements in Cairo.

This is in particular the files of the administration of the ministries of the Gaza Strip and its governmental institutions and crossings and security in addition to the payroll of employees appointed by Hamas after mid-2007.

Since its formation under the understandings of Palestinian reconciliation in early June 2014, the reconciliation government has refused to pay salaries to Hamas-appointed staff of more than 40,000.

The reconciliation government justified its decision because its financial budget could not afford to pay additional salaries.

But the government offered a plan for the return of Palestinian Authority employees in Gaza, who stopped working when Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip to their work, after which Hamas workers were gradually integrated and gradually led by Hamas.

The developments in the file of Palestinian reconciliation following the announcement of Hamas on 17 of last month from Cairo dissolved its administrative committee in the Gaza Strip and called on the government to take over its functions in the sector and to approve the holding of general elections.

And the administrative committee formed by Hamas bloc in the Legislative Council several months ago and announced that it will continue to function as long as the Palestinian division is in place and that it will end its work when the government of the reconciliation of its duties towards the sector.

The reconciliation government has continued to complain that it has not been able to assume its functions in the Gaza Strip and that Hamas has retained a shadowy government to manage the sector. Hamas has accused the government of marginalizing the Gaza Strip and failing to assume its responsibilities in resolving its crises.

It is expected that Egypt will call for a comprehensive meeting of all Palestinian factions if successful round of talks between the Fatah and Hamas delegations.

The Egyptian media quoted Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as saying that he issued instructions yesterday after presiding over a meeting that included the Prime Minister, Defense, Interior, Justice and Finance ministers as well as the heads of the General Intelligence and the Administrative Control Authority.

Al-Sisi pointed out that these moves aim to help the Palestinian brothers to start a new stage of unity of the Palestinian ranks in preparation for a just peace between the Palestinian and Israeli sides and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state to meet the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people in a secure, stable and prosperous life.”

Fatah and Hamas have reached a number of bilateral and other understandings within a comprehensive framework for the Palestinian factions but have failed to put an end to the internal divisions and restore unity between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Source:The Gaza Post


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