Fatah-Hamas first session of talks to begin at noon in Cairo

Fatah-Hamas first session of talks to begin at noon in Cairo

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First session of Fatah-Hamas reconciliation talks is going to take place at noon in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, said Azzam al-Ahmad, member of Fatah Central Committee and head of its delegation to the reconciliation talks.

The empowerment of the government in order to rule in the Gaza Strip will be the main point of the meeting’s agenda on which the two parties will discuss, Al-Ahmad told Voice of Palestine radio.

“We will review and assess what has been done and whether or not the indicators suggest that the government will be fully empowered in all ministries in accordance with the law,” he said, pointing that the results so far, according to the government, have been positive.

“In the coming days, however, we will be able to make our final judgment on the practical steps and the start of the work of various ministries,” he added.

Furthermore, The 2011 Cairo agreement will be reviewed and re-discussed in the meeting, in addition to the steps needed to hold a meeting for the various political factions, which are supposed to convene in Cairo after 20 days to discuss the practical steps for its implementation.

He said that the issue of border crossings with both Israel and Egypt has been discussed and that steps must be taken quickly on the ground, explaining that Hamas’ security forces are currently in control of the crossings, which should be the job of the government and therefore must be resolved within a week or two.

As for the Rafah border crossing with Egypt, Ahmad said that there’s an agreement that was signed in 2005 regarding the Palestinian side of the crossing which says that the presidential guards must be present and in charge of the security, in addition to European police officers who will help in monitoring movement at the crossing.

He added that topics such as elections, security, the justice system and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) will also be discussed in  Cairo.

He said the issue of peace and war and the forms of resistance should be a national decision, not factional, and everyone should abide by it.

Delegations from Fatah and Hamas arrived in Cairo on Monday to start reconciliation talks under the sponsorship of the Egyptian authorities.

Source: WAFA

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