Rwanda military often tortures detainees, rights group says

Rwanda military often tortures detainees, rights group says

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Rwanda’s military routinely tortures detainees with beatings, asphyxiations, mock executions and electric shocks, Human Rights Watch alleged Tuesday, ramping up accusations of serious abuses that have dogged the government over the years.

A new report by the rights group describes unlawful detentions in military camps and widespread torture, including tying objects to inmates’ genitals.

There is “an environment of total impunity” in the small East African nation, with judges and prosecutors ignoring complaints from current and former detainees about ill treatment, the report says.

“Research over a number of years demonstrates that military officials in Rwanda can use torture whenever they please,” Human Rights Watch’s Ida Sawyer said in a statement. Many victims have given up “all hope for justice.”

Rwandan officials routinely deny such allegations. The country’s justice minister and military spokesman did not respond to calls for comment Tuesday.

Last month Human Rights Watch said that authorities have arrested, forcibly disappeared and threatened political opponents since the August presidential election.

President Paul Kagame, who has been de facto leader or president since the end of the country’s 1994 genocide, won the election with over 98 percent of votes.

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