Depression and how it is different from sadness

Depression and how it is different from sadness

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A lot of this reluctance and trepidation stem from the stigma that generally surrounds the topic of metal ailment. The well-being of the mind, though as important as physical wellness, is not given much significance.

And perhaps that is why there are several misconceptions surrounding them, chief among them being depression. Often considered as synonymous to being sad, depression is clearly not that simple neither simplistic.

“Depression is not sadness,” says Dr Kamal Khurana, a renowned Delhi-based marriage and relationship counsellor. “It is a more exaggerated and a complex form of sadness,” he asserts. It starts from an underlying period of sadness but the situation should be deemed alarming if it continues for more than two to three days.

Depression, however, does not come sans symptoms. “Symptoms of not eating, overeating, crying too much, not taking self care or not being happy over any achievement are obvious markers of depression,” Khurana says. Depression, the doctor maintains, is akin to a downward spiral and thus the presence of friends and family members — those who can extend a helping hand is extremely essential.

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