Roger Federer new tennis challenger

Roger Federer new tennis challenger

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Federer wins first set of Australian Open finalRoger Federer

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Federer, who is currently in Shanghai for the ATP Masters series, met the Warriors in their dressing room last weekend after they played a pre-season match with the Minnesota Timberwolves in China.

. After the Warriors returned to America, Coach Steve Kerr shared a conversation between the two in which Thompson asked Federer “How’s your ping pong game?” and the tennis legend replied “Pretty nice”. To which Thompson said, “Mine, too.”

Federer reacted on Twitter when he read that and responded, “Sounds like a challenge to me @KlayThompson.” The basketball player replied ‘Game on.’

Federer has been a big NBA fan since he was a young boy. “This is highly unusual for me to go into the locker room of another sport, really, especially before a game and this far away from the States, here in Shanghai,” Federer said. “It’s kind of cool. Everybody’s laid back. I love meeting fellow athletes.”

In an interview, Thompson praised Federer saying, “There is a great spirit about him. He is the best in the world with the rackets.”

The Swiss professional tennis player reached the semifinals of Shanghai Masters on Friday with a 7-5 6-4 victory over Richard Gasquet.

Source:The Indian Express

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