Hamas condemns terrorist attack on Egyptian soldiers in Sinai

Hamas condemns terrorist attack on Egyptian soldiers in Sinai

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The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) condemned on Monday an attack on Egyptian soldiers in the Sinai peninsula last night, calling it a terrorist act.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said in a press statement that Hamas condemns the terrorist act that targeted Egyptian soldiers in Sinai and killed many of them and wounded others.”

Barhoum added that this work aims to undermine Egypt and its stability,as I wish Egypt and its people security and prosperity.”

The killing of six members of the Egyptian army during an armed attack targeted the security points of North Sinai in the area of ​​Qweids, according to a statement published by the military spokesman for the Egyptian armed forces.

Following the attack, the Border and Crossings Authority in the Gaza Strip announced that the Egyptian authorities had canceled the opening of the Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip as scheduled today and postponed to a later date was not specified.

Source:The Gaza post

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