Apple engineer ‘fired’ after daughter posts video of unreleased iPhone X on YouTube

Apple engineer ‘fired’ after daughter posts video of unreleased iPhone X on YouTube

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An Apple engineer has reportedly been fired after his daughter posted a YouTube video of the unreleased iPhone X from inside the firm’s headquarters.

Brooke Amelia Peterson uploaded footage that went viral before Friday’s launch of the 10th anniversary smartphone.

Ms Peterson, a pilates instructor from California, shot the video at Apple’s £3.8billion campus at One Infinite Loop as they ate pizza in the staff canteen, called Caffè Macs (CORR).

At Apple’s request she deleted it from YouTube, although the film was copied and reposted, attracting 3.2million views.

In a new video posted over the weekend, she said that her “honest, wonderful” father, radio frequency engineer Ken Bauer, had lost his job as a result of her video, and begged users not to target him.

Apple takes strict control over its image. Its UK team did not respond to numerous requests for comment today.

In her original film, posted last week, Ms Peterson is seen flipping through the £1,000 phone’s apps and testing out the cameras.

Mr Bauer uses it to pay in the canteen, telling the cashier: “I did the Apple Pay on that phone so I wanted to test it.”

The video was shot in public, showing food being prepared, the cheerful cashier and people on the terrace outside.

Ms Peterson activates the Control Center functions page and swipes through the home page, noting the screen’s edge-to-edge detail and lack of a home button.

In the second video posted on Saturday, a tearful Ms Peterson said she was upset by the hurtful responses she had received and insisted she had made an “innocent mistake”.

She said: “My dad was a privileged engineer who worked on the iPhone X and he had one after Apple released their keynote, after plenty of YouTubers posted hands-on iPhone X videos.

“My dad showed me his phone and I was filming it in the Apple cafeteria, I made this video for fun.

“People are really mean…hate on me all you want, but please don’t hate on my father because he’s the best person.”

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