Adidas Unveils New JFA 2017/2018 Gear Kit

Adidas Unveils New JFA 2017/2018 Gear Kit

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A global leader in football, adidas prides itself to add Jordan, since 2015, on the list of the world’s top clubs it sponsors.

Working hand in hand with the Jordan Football Association to endorse and rise with the Jordanian National Football Team to the best standards, adidas is proud to reveal the team’s new official away-jersey for the 2017/2018 season.

A classic yet modern kit inspired by the latest fashion trends and street wear, the new gear anchors adidas’ commitment to support regional and international talents.

Designed to shine on the play field and reflect a contemporary style that relates to young generations, the kit displays adidas iconic signature through striking white strips on red background, recalling the colors of the Jordanian flag.

Officially launched through a massive print, digital, and social media campaign, the new jersey design is showcased on the JFA’s players through red jerseys and shorts displaying the iconic three horizontal stripes in white.


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