Israeli army installs illegal caravans on Palestinian land in Hebron

Israeli army installs illegal caravans on Palestinian land in Hebron

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Israeli forces installed six caravans at a military outpost in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

The army installed the caravans on an area overlooking Hebron’s Old City, local sources told Palestinian Authority’s state.

The illegal outputs took 1,500 square metres of Palestinian land.

Hebron is known to be an exceptionally hostile environment due to its high concentration of settlers in the city. Its Palestinian residents reportedly live in fear due to Israeli aggression and apartheid practices.

Military outposts are usually erected to protect Israeli settlers and to enable their aggression towards native Palestinian civilians, while expanding the illegal occupation.

Earlier this month, Israeli settlers suffoicate two Palestinian children with pepper spray in the city.

A Palestine building in an impoverished village near the occupied city of Hebron was also demolished by Israeli forces on Monday.

The commercial structure, used as a warehouse, was based in the village of Beit Einun, to the east of Hebron, and demolished under the pretext of being built without a permit.

Occupying Israeli forces broke into the village and demolished the warehouse with a bulldozer.

It is common for Israeli forces to demolish buildings under the pretext of not having a permit and applying for building permits comes with various taxes and fees, which amounts to tens of thousands of dollars. This is unaffordable for many Palestinians in Hebron, as 77 percent of them live under the poverty line.

Source:IMEMC News

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