Gaza rallies in support of reconciliation

Gaza rallies in support of reconciliation

- in Gaza strip, main

The Gaza Post|the News of Palestine-Gaza

Palestinian movements in the besieged Gaza Strip held a rally yesterday in support of the reconciliation  and ending divisions.

The groups also called for the immediate lifting of sanctions imposed by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on the Gaza Strip.

Large numbers of people gathered in Al-Saraya Park in the centre of Gaza City and moved towards the statue of the unknown soldiers in front of the headquarters of the Palestinian Parliament in Gaza.

Member of the political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Saleh Naser, said: “These people are taking to the streets in support of the reconciliation; they will never accept its retreat. They are calling for implementing the reconciliation based on the terms of the Cairo agreement reached in 2005.”

He called on Abbas and his government of national accord to lift the “punishing” measures imposed on Gaza residents in order to pave the way for “real partnership”.

He also called for accelerating the formation of the legal and administrative committee which should take up its responsibility to review the position of government employees and the security issue based on the mutual Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal singed on 12 October.

In addition, he called for the formation of a national support committee to help both Hamas and Fatah carry out their responsibilities, calling on both sides to “be patient” and “stop delivering negative remarks” to the media.

He stressed that the government must carry out all of its responsibilities in the Gaza Strip as it is doing in the West Bank and called for the PA to adopt a new political strategy to replace the one based on the “failed” Oslo Accords.


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