Israel force Gazans to give up information to travel through Erez

Israel force Gazans to give up information to travel through Erez

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Israeli occupation authorities force Palestinians in Gaza who travel through the Erez crossing to answer a 17-question survey about the security, economic, social and political situation in Gaza.

The Palestinian strategist and security expert, Hisham Al-Mughari, said: “This questionnaire was not academic because it was carried out by the Israeli intelligence services.”

“The Israeli occupation is trying to get information directly from the Palestinians in Gaza instead of getting it through its agents. This enables the Israeli intelligence to get directly to the weak points in order to easily force Palestinians to collaborate with them.”

Meanwhile, the Palestinian expert in the Israeli affairs, Ayman Al-Rafati, stressed that the Israeli intelligence services “keep collecting information from the Palestinians to decide what political and security directions are needed to deal with the Palestinians.”

“Israeli intelligence services used to collect information about Palestinian officials and resistance,” Al-Rafati said, noting that they started to collect information about normal people.

He reiterated that the Israeli intelligence “studies the changes and their dimensions inside the Palestinian society in the Gaza Strip in order to decide what the best way to recruit collaborators is”.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli occupation only allows less than four per cent of Gaza’s residents to travel through the Erez crossing after Israeli security services have approved their travel permits.

Source:Quds net

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