World Cancer Day 2018: Theme, goals and significance

World Cancer Day 2018: Theme, goals and significance

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 February 4, 2018, individuals and communities across the world will come together to spread and raise awareness about cancer.

Commemorated internationally as World Cancer Day, it was founded under the direction of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) with the aim of supporting the World Cancer Declaration goals written in 2008.

People across the world have ever since come together on this day to ensure optimal awareness and significantly reduce illness and deaths caused by cancer by 2020.

For 2016-2018, the theme for observing World Cancer Day is ‘We Can. I can.’ Under this theme, people are expected to, individually and collectively, understand and work towards lessening the impact and harmful effects of the condition globally.

Around the world, many will join in in observing the day. The Empire State building in United States will be lit blue and orange, after the colours of the UICC — the eighth year in a row.

The theme will mobilise people to work towards generating more discussions on and about cancer and for making it an issue of highest concern in terms of political discussions as well.

On our part, individuals can lessen the risk of getting diagnosed with cancer by avoiding tobacco, alcohol consumption and maintaining a generally healthy lifestyle, including a healthy diet and proper physical activity.

It is important to get regular medical check-ups done and to be aware and spread word about the symptoms that could indicate a cancer scare. Further, people can render emotional support to the ones battling cancer by sharing their own stories of surviving the life-threatening condition.


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