A festival by Israelis canceled in France

A festival by Israelis canceled in France

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A festival to promote Israel was canceled at the University of Lille in northern France last week, Electronic Intifada reported.

The Escale en Israel – “a stop in Israel” – festival was supposed to run from 14-17 February, featuring lectures, music, films, wine tasting and cookery. It was sponsored by the university and several private firms.

the festival was also part of the Saison France-Israël 2018, a series of propaganda events supported by the Institut Français,

Activists for Palestinian rights protested against the festival and urged the president of the university to cancel the festival.

This festival according to activists in the Association France Palestine Solidarité (AFPS) is to whitewash Israel at the front of the world and cover the Israeli policies of discrimination and apartheid against Palestinians.

The group said,” The group said that “while claiming to take place on cultural grounds,” the festival would “obscure the crimes committed regularly by this colonial state in Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza or in Israel itself.”

BDS France, a campaign group that supports the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign for Palestinian rights, called the cancellation a “nice victory against the normalization of Israeli apartheid.”

Source: Gaza Post

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