3,651 babies born in Gaza during February

3,651 babies born in Gaza during February

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In February 3,651 new babies were born and 302 people died in the besieged Gaza Strip according to statistics from the Palestinian interior ministry.

According to the statistics, 51 per cent of the newborns were males and 49 per cent were females.

During the same month the ministry said that it registered 302 deaths, noting that 168 of them were males and 134 were females.

Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the entire world with more than 2 million residents living in an area of only 365 square kilometres. At least one third of this area is a closed military zone along the eastern borders of the Strip.

At the same time Gaza has been under a strict Israeli and internationally-backed siege since mid-2007 and the UN has repeatedly warned that it would be unliveable by 2020 or earlier.

Source:Quds press

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