Lebanon’s Mustaqbal Announces 38 Parliamentary Candidates, Including 22 New Faces

Lebanon’s Mustaqbal Announces 38 Parliamentary Candidates, Including 22 New Faces

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Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-HaririLebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri
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The Mustaqbal Movement announced Sunday the names of 22 new faces on the list of their 38 candidates running for next May’s parliamentary elections.

Hours before holding a rally at BIEL’s Seaside Pavilion to announce the party’s candidates, some electoral alliances between the Future Movement and other parties, particularly the Lebanese Forces, remained unclear.

“We have a project for Lebanon, a project we are working on every day… to serve you, and to serve a large project, based on the protection, the stability and the security of the country, and the protection of the constitution, freedom, democracy and sovereignty,” Prime Minister Saad Hariri said at the rally.

Hariri listed the names of al-Mustaqbal candidates across Lebanon before later announcing the list of the nominees in each electoral district.

Meanwhile, the LF-Mustaqbal alliance was shaken on Sunday, two days after reports that a deal between the two parties was looming on the horizon.

Instead of reaching a strategic agreement to contest the elections across Lebanon jointly, the two parties split, leaving the room for an alliance between the LF and Kataeb party in at least two electoral districts.

“We have to wait. Contacts are still ongoing,” leading sources from al-Mustaqbal told Asharq Al-Awsat when asked about the matter.

Other sources said that the LF was not pleased with al-Mustaqbal’s offer. “The alliance was hampered by opposite conditions,” they said, adding that the two parties have only agreed on an alliance in the Shouf-Alley district, alongside the Progressive Socialist Party.

The Mustaqbal candidates include four women, 22 new faces and 16 deputies representing the movement in the outgoing parliament.

The list of candidates also includes four Shiites, two of them to run in the Beirut electoral district.

Hariri’s party will confront “Hezbollah” in Baalbek-Hermel with two Sunni candidates.

The Movement also chose to contest the polls in an individual list and a higher number of candidates in the Tripoli district.

“Among the candidates we are announcing today, from all sects, all regions and all social and cultural roots, there are young women and men, there are new faces and there are currents MPs asking for your trust once more,” Hariri said.

He explained that his party’s candidates came from partisan work, from the aspirations of the people and from the supporters of the movement, together with the candidates who have expertise in politics, legislation, government and administration.

The Prime Minister said those candidates would all work as one hand to represent al-Mustaqbal, the movement’s supporters, and its project, for a better Lebanon.

“If you give your votes to the Future candidates, who are asking for your trust today, proudly and humbly, you will be giving me, Saad RafiK Hariri, and the Future Movement, a mandate to continue the march, and the ability to continue the project,” he said.

Hariri told his supporters that every vote they cast in these elections, for candidates on the Mustaqbal lists, is a vote for RafiK Hariri, first of all, for the continuation of the RafiK Hariri project, and a vote for Saad Hariri.

Source: Al Sharq Al awsat

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