protest over salary freeze, Hamas police deployed

protest over salary freeze, Hamas police deployed

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Palestinian employees wait in front of Bank of Palestine to withdrew their salaries

The Gaza Post|The News of Palestine-Gaza

Hamas’ police officers were patrolling the streets of Gaza on Monday, in particular bank entrances, as public employees protested saying they have not been paid by the PNA this month.

Local sources said the groups of demonstrators Monday were chanting against President Abu Mazen who last year cut their salary by 30% as part of a controversy with Hamas. According to the sources, the public workers are 30,000.

Over the past few days, in an attempt to heal contrasts between the PNA and Hamas – two months after a failed attack in Gaza against Premier Rami Hamdallah – a high-level delegation of Egyptian officials travelled to the Gaza Strip to meet with Hamas’ leader Ismail Haniyeh. The delegation then suggested that Hamas and al-Fatah could meet again in Cairo. For his part Abu Mazen is asking to regain full control of the Gaza Strip, including its security.

Source:ANS Amed

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