Updated : Israeli forces kill 42 Palestinians and injure hundreds in Gaza

Updated : Israeli forces kill 42 Palestinians and injure hundreds in Gaza

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Israeli forces has shot and killed 42 Palestinians and injured thousands in today protest along the Gaza border, The Palestinian Ministry of health reported.

The mass rallies is expected to culminate as Palestininans are commemorating the 70 anniversary of Nakba and protesting against US embassy move to Jerusalem.

Since the demonstrations began on March 30, at least 49 Palestinian demonstrators have been killed and thousands injured, according to Health Ministry officials.

The Israeli Army has significantly increased its deployment, not only across the border areas in the besieged Gaza Strip, but also various parts of the occupied West Bank, especially in occupied Jerusalem.

Earlier the Israeli military dropped leaflets and fired tear gas into Gaza early on Monday, warning Palestinians to stay away from the border with Israel as protesters continue to increase in numbers as a part of the “Great March of Return”.

Palestinian witnesses said Israeli aircraft also dropped flammable material on Monday to burn tyres that protesters had stacked in preparation for them to be set on fire and rolled at the fence.

The Israelis also fired tear gas at people inside the tented encampments that have sprung up along the border, witnesses said.

The Humanitarian Coordinator, Mr. Jamie McGoldrick, today called for the protection of Palestinians, particularly children and health workers, in the context of demonstrations taking place in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and for demonstrators to refrain from actions that prevent the functioning of the main entry point for humanitarian goods to the Gaza Strip.

“With tensions high across Gaza and the West Bank this week, it is crucial that all efforts be exerted to avoid further deterioration and that responses by Israeli security forces to Palestinian demonstrators be in line with their obligations under international law,” said Mr. McGoldrick. “Children, in particular, should be protected. Where possible, they should not be the targets of violence and should be kept away from potentially violent situations.”

Meanwhile, protests has burst out in different areas of west bank in response to the US embassy move to Jerusalem and Israeli forces have closed the main entrances and deployed reinforcements for any possible clashes.

International community and  human rights organizations have condemned the Israeli use of excessive force and targeted the peaceful demonstrators and journalists.



Source: Gaza Post

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