15th Friday, “The Great Marches of Return and Defying the Israeli siege”

15th Friday, “The Great Marches of Return and Defying the Israeli siege”

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Clashes broke out Friday afternoon between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli soldiers in eastern Gaza City, close to the border with Israel, according to eyewitnesses and local media reports.

The reports said the soldiers fired gunshots and tear gas canisters to disperse the demonstrators who gathered close to the border between eastern Gaza Strip and Israel on the 15th Friday of rallies and protests in what the Palestinians called “The Great Marches of Return and Defying the Israeli siege” which started on March 30.

Paramedics said that one Palestinian was shot and moderately wounded by Israeli soldiers’ gunfire in eastern Gaza City. The eyewitnesses said that it was a young woman who tried to put a burned tire close to the barbed wire of the border’s fence.

The organizers of the rallies and protests called this Friday “Friday of unity to topple Trump’s Deal of the Century and end the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza.”

Hamas movement’s spokesman Hazem Qassem said in an emailed press statement that the popular acceptance of the calls to join the 15th Friday of the Great Marches of Return shows that the Palestinians are united to topple the deal and defy the siege.

On Friday dozens of Palestinian demonstrators gathered in eastern Gaza, burned tires, waved Palestinian flags and clashes with the Israeli soldiers stationed at the borderline area between the coastal enclave and Israel.

Israeli and local Palestinian media reported that activists from Gaza released around 100 flaming kites and balloons from eastern Gaza Strip into southern Israel causing large fires to several agricultural fields in the area. No injuries reported.

Since March 30, the national commission of the great march of return has been organizing rallies, protests and demonstrations on every Friday in five separate locations in eastern Gaza Strip, close to the border with Israel.

Ashraf A-Qedra, the health ministry spokesman in Gaza told reporters that death toll since March 30 has grown up to 136 and around 15,000 injured; around half of them were shot by live ammunition, many of them are still in critical condition.

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