Abbas: the deal of the century “will not pass.”

Abbas: the deal of the century “will not pass.”

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The Gaza Post -exclusive

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday evening told a meeting of his Fatah Party’s Central committee that U.S. President Donald Trump’s peace deal, better known as the deal of the century “will not pass.”

Abbas, who chaired the meeting, held at his office in Ramallah, said “We won’t let the deal of the century pass,” adding “The Arab states also oppose the deal” which aims at resolving decades long of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

“We informed the world that we are against the deal of the century, won’t accept it and we won’t let it pass,” Abbas told the committee’s members, adding “We would like to reiterate that our Arab brothers asserted to us that they are against it.”

He went on saying that “besides that, there are countries in the world, in Europe, Asia and Africa started to realise that the deal of the century will not pass,” in reference to the peace plan Trump’s Administration is intending to declare soon.

Ties between the United States and the Palestinian Authority deteriorated when President Trump declare that Jerusalem is the capital of the state of Israel and ties worsened after the U.S. embassy was moved from Tel Aviv to the holy city.

Last direct U.S.-sponsored peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians had stopped in 2014 after it went on for nine months without making any breakthrough due to deep difference on settlement, security and borders.

Meanwhile, Abbas reiterated the Palestinian rejection to the Israeli decision of cutting the allowances the PA pays to the families of the prisoners and those killed by Israel in the Palestinian territories from the tax revenues Israel pays back to the Palestinians.

“We are still waiting and we will take the proper measures that fit with our interests,” Abbas, 83 years old, who has just recovered from illness and was discharged from the hospital, said. “Those are our prisoners and martyrs, and we have been paying them their allowances since 1965.”

Talking about moving up the stalled file of reconciliation with rival Islamic Hamas movement, which has been controlling the Gaza Strip since 2007, Abbas said that there are talks that Egypt is holding with Hamas movement “in this respect.”

“We told Egypt that if Hamas really wants to make reconciliation, it should transfer all power in the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian consensus government, and if not, they should bear the full responsibility of Gaza,” said Abbas.

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