Caravans in Khan Al-Ahmar Villages

Caravans in Khan Al-Ahmar Villages

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Caravans in Khan Al-Ahmar villagesCaravans in Khan Al-Ahmar villages

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The Israeli forces began to build “caravans” mobile homes in the town of Al-Eizariya in preparation for transporting the residents of Khan Al-Ahmar villages after their homes were demolished.

The bulldozers arrived since the early hours of the morning to Al-Azariya and began razing and installing caravans.

Two days ago, the Israeli High Court of Justice suspended the decision to demolish the Bedouin villages in the Khan Al-Ahmar until a decision was reached on the petition filed by the residents of the neighborhood.

“The Israeli Supreme Court has issued a precautionary order to stop demolishing villages,” said Walid Assaf, head of settlement resistance committee. “The committee has worked diligently over the last few days to prepare a structural plan for the assembly to license it.

This led the Israeli High Court to issue a precautionary order to stop the demolition pending a response from the Civil Administration stating the reasons for its refusal to permit the assembly. He expressed his hope in the final decision which would be issued in the 11th of the current month to stop the demolition of Khan Al-Ahmar villages.

Source: The Gaza Post

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