Al-Tamimi and Her Mother Are Released this Morning

Al-Tamimi and Her Mother Are Released this Morning

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Al-Tamimi and Her Mother Are Freed this MorningAl-Tamimi and Her Are Mother Freed this Morning

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Today morning, the Israeli occupation forces released Al-Tamimi and her mother Nariman after they had spent 8 months in prison for hampering the work and assaulting Israeli soldiers.

Ahed’s family, friends, and dozens of journalists received her and her mother after more than two hours of their releasing at “Rantis” military checkpoint west of Ramallah, where the occupation has impeded their arrival by not providing them the place where Ahd will be released and searched for her in all barriers.

On December 19, 2017, Ahed was arrested after a video clip appeared with her cousin Nour al-Tamimi. The tale started when both approached two Israeli soldiers leaning against a wall in the courtyard of a house in the town of Nabi Saleh in Ramallah; were Ahd and her cousin ordered the soldiers to leave the place. They refused to do so, as a result; the girls suspend, kicked, and slapped them.

On the last 21 March, an actual prison sentence of 8 months was issued against Ahd Al Tamimi by Israeli Military Court of “Ofer”.

The girl’s defense lawyers were able to reach a deal with the Israeli military prosecution consisting of  having Al-Tamimi to be sentenced 8 months in prison in return for dropping charges of incitement and calling for operations against the occupation forces from the original indictment, and only to admit the Tamimi to obstruct the work of an Israeli soldier by attacking him.

All media shed the light on Ahd’s trail which has become a symbol of resistance. Moreover, President Mahmoud Abbas praised her gigantic courage and strength.

Source: The Gaza Post

Written by: Doa Abu Rass

Edited by: Somaya A S Harara

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