what is Lieberman and Netanyahu’s position of the pacification?

what is Lieberman and Netanyahu’s position of the pacification?

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The Gaza Post 

On Sunday evening the Israeli Cabinet held a meeting to discuss the Egyptian and international suggestions which aim to conclude a political compromise and a pacification agreement with Islamic Hamas party in Gaza.

The Cabinet discussed the plans and suggestions that UN and Egypt delivered to make a compromise with Hamas and the methods they will take to resolve Gaza Strip crises. According to Israeli media.

The Israeli media stressed the opposition of Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Israeli defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman of any pacification agreement with Hamas without the disarmament of Hamas or revealing the fate of the Israeli soldiers held by Hamas. Reshet TV, an Israeli channel, said: there`s a small chance to reach a long-term pacification agreement in Gaza.

The Israeli media mentioned that there are a lot of obstacles in the way they will take, such as the Palestinian reconciliation, although all the Israeli pressures exerted upon the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, he did not pay his employees’ salaries.

Reshet channel has confirmed, Israel knows well that without scoring any ground-breaking achievements for Hamas in Gaza, Israel will be ready to enter a conflict with Hamas.
Israeli 7th T.V. station reported: The Chef of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, Gadi Eizenkot, briefed the Government ministers through the Cabinet meeting on the situation in Gaza, saying that Israeli forces are ready for any scenario.

Written by: Tariq Al-sharif

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